Convert Text to Points with Elevations By Data Extraction and Lisp

How to Convert Text to Points by Using Data Extraction in AutoCAD?

Convert Text to Points

There are many methods to convert text objects to points. Some use lisp files, and others use Civil 3D. But the following method will show you an example of text-to-point conversion without additional files or plug-ins.

Today, one of my friends asked me if he had received a drawing file with a site’s topographic data. However, the problem with the file is that there are no points in the file. We have only text objects that show the elevation of the existing ground at the location of the text node. Moreover, this entire text object is in zero elevation, as you can see here. All we have is the text node, the location of surveyed points, and the text object’s elevation value.

So the question is how we can convert these text-only objects to 3D points that we can use for further use in our terrain medal, surface, or triangulation.

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Data Extraction

By using this method, we will use AutoCAD’s simple Data Extraction tool to transfer our text data to Microsoft Excel. The data we will transfer is the text’s X, Y, and content value. This value will be used as the Z coordinate of the points.

For more, you can check this post to learn about How to use AutoCAD Data Extraction Tool

Once we have extracted our text data to a Microsoft Excel file, we have three columns showing the Easting, Northing, and Elevation of the text objects we transferred from AutoCAD to Excel. I will use a simple concatenate formula to combine all these values so we can use in our AutoCAD file.

Now that all my 4th cell looks like Easting, Northing, Elevation. This data, in other words, looks like 3D coordinates of our points. Copy all of the cells in this column. After opening my AutoCAD file, I need to draw points on these coordinates.

Go to the Draw menu and select the “multiple points” form points option. Now right-click in the command line and Paste the data. This will draw a 3D point at all the coordinates we generated in Microsoft Excel. You can ask any of the questions in the comments below, or you can also utilize our live chat feature on free cad tips and tricks .com

Convert Text to Points By Lisp File

Txt2Pt lisp is used to make a new 3D point with all of the text objects in the AutoCAD drawing. Below is a free downloadable link to an LISP file to help you get out of this problem. This lisp file uses the existing text values as the point’s Z value. The Easting and Northing of the text object are used as the Easting and Northing of the point. As a result, you get a point drawn with every text object in the drawing.

Txt2Pt lisp To Convert Text To Points
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