Top 10 Free CAD Packages To Download | Free AutoCAD Alternatives

Top 10 Free AutoCAD Alternatives

Here are my top 10 Free CAD Packages, that can be downloaded today. Different CAD packages are being used by most engineering corporations and professionals for their respective needs. Mostly CAD Packages program is used for designing and drafting. There are a lot of advantages to imposing cad structures within organizations.

Big companies purchase CAD Packages and provide their employees to work for them on their office workstations but many of us are looking for free cad software, so we can work at home or for our own private work or learn them and improve our working skills to become professional so we can work for our own projects or work privately for extra income.

There are some quality CAD Packages that you can download for free and work on them or learn them to improve your skills and become an expert.

In this article, I will list the 10 best free CAD Packages programs that you can easily download for free and use for learning purposes or work on them for your projects.

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1- AutoCAD (Students Version) by Autodesk | Free CAD Packages

AutoCAD is one of the best CAD Packages produced by Autodesk. Autodesk offers a full version of AutoCAD download available for students and faculty for learning purposes. You can download it free from the Autodesk website. The duration of the AutoDesk student license is 3 years.

The only problem with this version of AutoCAD is this when you plot its shows a watermark on the print which says Produced by An AutoDesk Educational Product. Autodesk also provides students versions of their other products like Civil 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, and Architectural AutoCAD. If you want to learn AutoCAD, this is the best version you can easily download it from the website and start practicing small house designing or start doing your own small personal project.

2- BricsCAD (Students Version) by Bricsys | Free CAD Packages

BricsCAD provides students version for learning purposes for 12 months for free. You just need to go to their website register an account and download the software free for 12 months. BricsCAD for students provide a full Cad suit and you can also get features from other .dwg programs. BricsCAD is quite similar to AutoCAD as well as it has its own features. If you learn both software its advantage for you in your professional career. BricsCAD for students also has one same problem as AutoCAD that when you plot it’s also watermark print as produce from a non-professional version but still, you can work on it for your personal design and as well as a learning purpose.

3- FreeCAD | Free CAD Packages

FreeCAD is a free and open-source CAD package (LPGLv2+licence). It supports parametric 3D CAD modular and building information modeling (BIM). FreeCAD is directly used in Mechanical engineering product design, but it can also be used in other fields, such as, electrical engineering and architecture. You can easily download it from the official website and use.

4- Blender | Free CAD Packages

One of the best 3D modeling and animation software, Blender is totally free open-source CAD software. It is used in 3D graphics design. For example, creating animated movies, cartoons, video games, art and models for 3D printing. It also supports many of output file formats to import and export, such as, film box (BFX), Autodesk(DXF), 3D studio max (3DS) and many others.

5- Sketchup | Free CAD Packages

Sketchup is a program developed by Google and then sold to Trimble. inc. It is a 3D modeling computer program that supports verity and flexibility in different fields such as architecture, civil engineering and landscaping. It’s available in different types such as web base SketchUp applications, SketchUp free, SketchUp makes and SketchUp Pro with more features in the paid version.

It’s very easy to use even if you never work in 3D before you can make a good 3D model for presentation in very less time by using SketchUp. You obviously need some time in mastering the program to get a professional 3D design with the correct dimensions. There is a variety of video tutorials available on the official website. Moreover, you can find tutorials on YouTube which will help you to learn the software in depth. Sketchup is very easy to learn. You can easily download it from the official website.

6- OpenSCAD | Free CAD Packages

OpenSCAD is a free CAD Packages application. It was first released on February 19, 2010. This software is designed for creating solid 3D objects. You can create accurate models, which can be modified easily by making some changes in the parameters.

It is quite different from Blender, OpenSCAD specifically focuses on the mechanical dimensions and properties of models rather than their artistic properties. OpenSCAD can export in a common file format for 3D printing. This software is easily available on the web for free download.

7- Draftsight | Free CAD Packages

Draftsight is 2D cad software. It is free software for engineers, architects, and designers.  It is good for personal use as well. Draftsight allows us to create, view and edit well-known and widely used drawing formats like DWG and DXF (AutoCAD) files. To activate the Draftsight software, you have to register with a valid email address. It is quite similar to AutoCAD and it generates the same file format which AutoCAD generates. This makes the software flexible to share files between different platforms and users around the globe. It has the same tools as AutoCAD such as polyline, text, layers, and dimensions. If you know AutoCAD it’s very easy for you to use.

8- LibreCAD | Free CAD Packages

LibreCAD is also a free 2D CAD Package and its tools are quite similar to AutoCAD such as line, layers, dimensions, and many others. If you know AutoCAD then it will be very easy for you to use LibreCAD.  It is available to download from the official website.

9- TinkerCAD | Free CAD Packages

TinkerCAD is an online-based free 3D modeling software. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended browsers to reach out to this software. This software guide beginners through 3D design and lessons teaching basics before going to advanced techniques.

10- Sculptris | Free CAD Packages

Sculptris could be a 3D modeling software package program created by industry-skilled Pixologic. It’s not a general drafting program; instead, it had been designed for 3D sculpting. it had been created with the intention to be accessible for each style of the artist from beginner to skilled. The program comes with an expert interface, aboard 2 main navigation methods: right-click navigation and free-moving navigation. Not solely that, however, it comes with a variety of sculpting tools like symmetry mode and dynamic tessellation. There’s additionally a range of sculpting brushes that draw, grab, swish, and flatten. uncalled-for to mention, there’s plenty to require advantage of!


There are a bunch of other stunning CAD Packages that provide awesome results, which you can find on the web. These are the top 10 free computer-aided design (CAD) software. You can easily download these programs and learn them and use them in your professional career. I hope you will find these software programs helpful in your professional careers as well as your personal work. Thanks for reading this article I hope you find it interesting and informative. Please leave comments about this article and let me know your story. Best of luck you guys.

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