Autodesk AutoCAD Certification Exam Questions

Autodesk AutoCAD Certification Exam Questions Tips for Passing

Autodesk AutoCAD Certification Exam Questions

If you are looking to appear in AutoCAD certification online, then just have a look at the following Tips and Autodesk AutoCAD certification exam questions for Passing the AutoCAD Certified Professional Exam. 

This will help you with what you can do to give yourself the perfect shot possible. As you are well aware, Certifications are recognition as well as proof of your skills and knowledge about some tools and software. After reading this article, you will know that it is not hard; it is just hype made by the circumstances around you. Your exam will be excellent, and you will be able to get more than enough score.

I will give some useful tips, which will help pass the exam. I am hopeful that, after going through this article, you will get a good understanding of Autodesk AutoCAD certification exam questions with these strategies. These are helpful for passing the AutoCAD test and of course how to answer some tricky and hard questions, typically asked during the exam.

While we proceed with practice tests, you’ll have some of these tips and tricks that you can use during your exam, but you must understand that it’s also possible that, you won’t be asked the questions in the test as described in this article. 

This article will guide you throughout the exam. This article will give you awareness about how to handle the situations in the AutoCAD certification online exam. Some of this might not be useful to you, but you can utilize and maximize your score on each practice test.

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Exam Passing Requirements:

Well! The first and essential thing is that every student must know how to use AutoCAD proficiently.

A minimum of 120 hours of hands-on experience is recommended before appearing in the exam.

There are a total of 35 Autodesk AutoCAD certification exam questions. You get almost a hundred and twenty minutes to finish the test. Which is two hours, and at the end of the 2 hours, if you’re not done, you don’t fail the test. It’s just that your test automatically gets submitted and graded.

You have basically two hours to work on it at the end of those two hours, it gets turned in whether you’re done or not. Out of those 35 questions, you have to get 77%, which is 27 correct, so you can miss eight questions and still pass the test. I want you to give it a good, honest, and fair attempt where you can try your best.

Practice Makes the Man Perfect

Make sure you familiarize yourself with some of the following commands, and it will surely help you a lot to answer Autodesk AutoCAD certification exam questions. Here a list of specific topics the test taker must master to be successful in the AutoCAD certification exam.

Learn to Use Tools

  • During the AutoCAD certification exam, you will be asked to draw objects like lines and rectangles, Circles, Arcs, and Polygons.
  • Accuracy is also tested in the exam. You will be checked if you can draw with ACCURACY or not. You must be familiar with Using object-snap tracking and Use of Coordinate Systems. Go through Making isometric drawings as well. To make sure you know how to use “O” snaps to measure dimensions, especially the insertion “O” snap insertion is one that a lot of people don’t know, and it doesn’t get used very much. For instance, if you go to “O” snaps the “O” snaps you’re probably most familiar with. Most of the time, I use these five; endpoint, midpoint, center, node, and quadrant The lesser-known ones over here can be used on the test. Something you want to study is some of these lesser-known “O” snaps especially, insertion points. It’s common, so make sure you know the insertion “O” snap and start practicing with it.
  • Before attempting the AutoDesk AutoCAD Certified Professional Exam, You must know how to Move and copy objects. Rotate and scale objects in AutoCAD. Try to understand how to use the array command. Understand how to Trim and extend objects. Make sure you know how to Offset and mirror objects using Auto CAT, And all of this by Using and utilizing grip editing with Fillet and Chamfer commands.
  • The test is designed to check the drawing techniques of the user, like; Drawing and editing polylines to Blend between objects with splines and how to Apply hatches and gradients in different objects.

Learn to Manage Data

  • Data and object organization in the drawing is also essential. The user must be proficient in Changing object properties. Managing, assigning, and controlling the visibility of layers for objects. There are some additional properties that you can add to the objects with the help of layers.
  • The stretch command is a lesser-known one, so master it as well.
  • DIM Style “d” and leader align are trendy one that shows up on some Autodesk AutoCAD certification exam questions sometimes. “edit” and “dim space” are also lesser-known commands that you could see on a test question. Learn how to Add and modify text and use dimensions. Add and change multileader, edit and assign annotation styles.
  • Know how to create layouts by using viewports for printing.
  • Make certain you know how to create a fit viewport on a layout page that’s another popular topic
  • Practice using “x-ray,” so this is another one that a lot of people don’t know how to do.
  • Familiarize yourself with reusing existing objects and data in the drawing. Practice working with blocks, managing and controlling block attributes, external reference drawings, pdf, and images. X-refs or Cross-references are basically where we link two drawings together in AutoCAD, and they also do many things with binding X-refs. Try to know what happens if you bind one Xref into another drawing and what happens to the file names. It puts a dollar sign ($) in between the names, so it has the file name dollar sign zero dollar sign in the file name of that drawing.

Learn to Finalize Your Drawing

  • Make sure you know how to use annotated text leaders dimensions annotation of hatch patterns and how to set an existing object to be annotated instead of standard.
  • Make sure you know your various selection methods so the blue selection window, the green selection window, how to make a fence selection how to shift-click to select or unselect objects.
  • Finally, ensure you know your single-line text justifications and how the grips for each one work depending on how your single-line text is justified. The grips may show up in a different location depending on if it’s middle center or middle left or top left or bottom right. They like to pick little tiny detail and stuff like that.

Compelling Strategies to Pass AutoCAD Certification Exam:

Strategies to Pass the AutoCAD Certification Exam

You should have some strategies while taking the test. Some of them will help you get through.

Keep On Moving

It is possible that some Autodesk AutoCAD certification exam questions you don’t know the answer to, and it’s frustrating, better you move on. There might be some other ones that you answer so never spend your 15 minutes on a question you don’t know, or perhaps you are not entirely sure about that you’re going to get wrong. If you will spend more time on such tough questions, which you can’t attempt you are indirectly wasting your time which could have been utilized on those questions, which you know very well and can have valuable marks. Since you have spent much of your time, therefore you don’t have enough time to finish questions that you do know, or you could get correct.

Long story short, if you don’t know the answer, skip it, you can always come back to it later the exam will let you go forward and backward between the questions as many times as you want. You can basically go back and look at any item at any time in the AutoCAD certification exam and then when you’re done you submit the whole thing at once.

Time Management

While you’re working on the test, don’t bother saving your drawings. It basically wastes your time if you “save” these drawings as you go through the test. You have 35 questions which give you roughly you know three minutes on each interrogation. If you spend a minute saving each file when you are done, that’s going to waste a bunch of your time on the test so you could lose up to a half hour on this test just because you’ve spent your time by saving files. So when you’re done with a question close out the AutoCAD drawing, say that don’t waste your time, dump it and move on to the next question. Use most of your time in answering the questions instead of doing alternative tasks.

Types of Inquiries

Types of Questions in Autodesk AutoCAD Certification Exam

Fill in The Blanks

You can feel free to work your way around the test as you can. Expect a lot of fill in the blank Autodesk AutoCAD certification exam questions. About 3/4 of them are “fill in the blank”, and when I say fill in the blank, it means they are not asking precisely for a word or an answer that you’re certainly prepared for. They’re usually asking for a dimension or a distance or a coordinate. The most popular way that they do this on the test is; they will give you a drawing (Already created). You’ll open the drawing file alter it and then after you change it, you want a dimension or a coordinate.

The two best ways to find those are the distance command DI and the ID command. ID is great for looking up a specific point. For instance, they give you a drawing that has a circle in it and a line, and they ask you in the AutoCAD certification exam; ‘Take this circle and move it so that its center point sits precisely on the end of this line and then after you do that tell me the coordinates of the center point.

How to Tackle

From the above, You will take this and use Move command and move the center point, so it’s on the end of the line. Now You can use the ID command just by typing ID; it says to specify the point. Click right on the end of the line and then x, y and z value would be displayed in the command line. This is what you would key into the test. They will have a box for X and a box for Y. This is very similar to how they will have you do the test you don’t ever actually upload a file to be graded you’re just giving numbers and distances and coordinates.

It’s very different than what you would think. Using the list command and the properties menu are also very helpful during the test for looking up values statuses or coordinates. They also like to ask you about the properties of objects as you take the test, for instance, they may say; ‘Tell me the circumference of this circle.’ You have to type in the circumference of the circle.

The Best Practice

The best way to figure out things in your drawing is the list command. These are all the types of things that they might ask you on the test, ID and the list are probably your two most useful commands as you take this test because it’s a peculiar abstract style of the trial, because they have to be able to grade it.

The way that they’ve decided to rank is, by having you type in numbers. People also ask, what about these decimals on end does it matter? How many I put in? or should I type them all? Or some of them? They will have the files on the test set up already so that You key in precisely the number of decimal points that you see pop up. Don’t worry about the precision on these decimal points. Type in the whole thing exactly as you see it because they have these decimals set already in the files, they’re going to give you. Just type in precisely what you see.


Going back! There are some multiple-choice and matching questions on the test as well. They may give you, for instance, a multiple-choice question that asks you about the fill a tool or a matching question about the print command or the plot command. There are some matching and multiple-choice questions.


A lot of times you can work backward in AutoCAD and figure out whether or not a specific option and the multiple choice question is right or wrong. You can actually try and test things in AutoCAD and see if they work the way that the test question says. Like a true/false method almost when you take the test.

Picture Previews

There are also picture previews that are built into the test so they may tell you to open up a file and modify it. The picture they give you in the test is of the file modified and finished the way it should look so you can compare your AutoCAD drawing to the image and the test. If your CAD drawing doesn’t match what you see in the testing window, then you know you did something wrong. So you can almost use the test a lot of times to tell you if you’re right or not. Compare your Auto CAD drawing to the test drawing in the picture preview before you put in any coordinates or look up any values. That way you’ll know if you’re right or wrong.

Know Your Keyboard

Make sure you know how to use “alt+tab” on your keyboard. You have basically two things going on when you’re working on the test. You’re going to have the testing software, and then Auto CAD running in the background. You have to be able to switch back and forth between those two programs during the actual test. The taskbar that usually is available in the desktop at the bottom that you’re used to using probably is not going to be visible. The testing software takes it away so that you cannot switch back and forth between the programs with it and that’s a security measure because they don’t want the test Autodesk AutoCAD certification exam questions getting out.

The best way to switch between your applications, if your taskbar is missing is just to press Alt+Tab on your keyboard. If you push down the “Alt” key and hit Tab button, you can cycle through every window that you have open on the computer. You can switch back and forth between AutoCAD and testing software very easily by Alt+Tab. So make sure you recognize how to use Alt+Tab on your keyboard to change back and forth between the test and Auto CAD. We already talked about so type in your answers exactly as you see them. In Auto cad use the exact number of decimal points. Don’t add decimal points or take decimal points off. Don’t put in units. No need to type in feet or miles or inches. Just type in the number only same as you see it in AutoCAD.

No Help

The help files do not usually work. If you would hit F1 button or go to the question mark or type in help. The testing browser will kill that every time you try to open it. It doesn’t take you out of the test, but it just keeps it from starting it where you’d hit F1. And AutoCAD to bring up the help menu. If you hit F1 during the test, nothing is going to happen. But the nice thing is that the rollover tooltips in AutoCAD do still work. It will kind of give you a description of how a tool is to be used. That is one way you can even get some help and some tips, while you’re doing the test.

The help files do not work if you get stuck on a multiple choice or a matching question. Try checking your answer choices in Auto CAD. You can sort of use AutoCAD to look up the replies occasionally. If they give you a problem and you’re not sure, look at the different alternatives in the multiple choice questions. Try them and see if they really do work the way that they’re being described in the question.

Autodesk Certification digital badges

Upon passing one of the AutoCAD certification exams, you will be given AutoDesk badge. You can use your digital badge to showcase your credentials to the employers and colleagues and academic institutions.

AutoDesk AutoCAD Certified Professional Badges

What if You don’t pass?

Unfortunately, If you do not get through, you will have a diagnostic score report that indicates areas for improvement. You can retake the examination as needed. Be assured, there is no waiting period. You may take the exams as many times as you wish. But off-course every retake attempt to be paid, nothing is free.

Last Words

I want you to kind of take this and print it out. Keep it at home or keep it you know at school and your laptop bag or whatever wherever you are. Keep it in your notebook. You can go through these you know maybe every couple of weeks because you might forget some of these. Keep it handy as you’re doing the practice test. You can remember you know to do the “ID” command or the list command. Or how to hold tab to switch between the open windows. This is kind of your strategy sheet as you prepare for this exam. That’s it for today. Just wanted to quickly go through these tips and get you familiar with some of them. You can try these techniques to utilize them on our practice throughout the course so good luck.

Read Recommended Books

To be ready for tricky AutoCAD exam questions, either you are talented in AutoCAD, you should read books on certification. These books will help improve and deepen your knowledge. Additionally, writers of these books share their knowledge and experiences about certifications that help you prepare for exams.

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