Top 20 Websites to Download Free CAD Blocks AutoCAD Blocks Download

In this era of hustle, everyone is in a hurry. We need to do things in a better and faster way. While producing drawings use of built-in blocks and styles in AutoCAD can bring a big boost in productivity. It also helps to manage large projects in the least time. 

CAD blocks are considered essential tools for any engineers, draftsperson, or architects involved in creating and managing drawings. Predefined CAD blocks are time savers and set a specific style of your work.  

Below is a list of websites that allows visitors to download free CAD blocks, symbols, and templates ready to use in any version of CAD programs.

1. CADBlocksFree.com

Here you find tons of free CAD Blocks and paid ones as well. This is one of the largest websites having the biggest number of CAD blocks available free to download. These are the categories to download free CAD blocks.   

House planning Categories: 

1 Bed apartment plan, 1 Bed house design, Tree Collections AutoCAD blocks, 14 Seat dining table CAD block, 15m x 6m swimming pool design dwg, 16 Classes Architecture., 18th Century Sundial. 2 Bed apartment design dwg, 2D & 3D Gym and Playground Bundle, 2D & 3D Gym and Playground Bundle, 2D & 3D trees, people and car bundle, 2D & 3D trees people and car bundle, 2D and 3D seating bundle 3D DWG models,

Top CAD Models 

Interior design and 800 trees cad bundle, Bathroom design collection dwg, 2d & 3d trees people and car bundle, 2d and 3d gym collections dwg blocks, Annotation bundle collections, Interior design and 800 trees cad bundle, Bathroom design collection, All apple products 3ds max models & FBX models, Gates cad collections bundle dwg blocks. 

Bathroom design volume 3 cad collections dwg, Architectural design cad collections, Garden & Landscape, Wood burning stoves. 

Urban design cad collections, Bar stools, Edison lights, Bookcases and bookshelves, Bedroom wardrobes, Dressing tables, Bedroom design cad bundle dwg, blocks Kitchen utensils, Kitchen wall tiles,

USA road signs blocks 

French road signs, Detailed bathroom designs cad collection, HVAC equipment symbols, Electrical schematic symbols, Lighting symbols legend, Prohibition signs, Reception desks cad blocks collection, Office design cad bundle dwg, Kitchen design cad bundle dwg blocks,  

Popular Categories 

Animals, Architectural, Docks, Drainage, Electrical, Engineering, Factory, Fixings, Food, Furniture, Healthcare. Highways, industrial cad blocks, Image Textures, Jewelry, Landscaping, Mechanical, Musical Instruments, People, Plants and Foliage, Room Layout. Science, Seasonal, Signs, Site, Sports, and Leisure. structural, Symbols, Transport, trees, WC, and Windows.

2. CADDetails.com

CADDetials.com is the second in our list of free CAD blocks libraries. You can browse over 52,612 CAD Drawings and download free architectural product data. 

Use the categories below to access free architectural files, including AutoCAD CAD drawings, CAD details, CAD drawings,3D BIM (Building Information Modeling), 3D Revit files, 3D SketchUp models, specifications, and more.  

Use the categories to browse content or click on the sample images below  Land, Technical Documents, Site Products, Structural and Exterior Enclosure Products, Interior and Finish, Openings, Passages, and Protection, and Specialty. Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment, Conveying Systems and Material Handling Products, Medical, and Laboratory Equipment. 

General Facility Services Products. The facility, Occupant Protection Products, Plumbing Specific Products, and Equipment. HVAC Specific Products and Equipment, landscape cad blocks, Electrical and Lighting Specific Products and Equipment, Information and Communication Specific Products and Equipment, download free CAD blocks. 

Utility and Transportation Products, Audio Visual Building Safety Products. Building Safety Products Building Service Products, Building Service Products Electrical Products, Electrical Products Furniture Lighting and Equipment, Furniture Lighting HVAC, Interior Products, Interior Products Lifts Elevators and Escalators, Lifts Elevators and Escalators Medical Equipment, Medical Equipment Plumbing Products, Plumbing Products Outdoor and Security Products,  Outdoor and Security Products Specialty Products, SpecialtyProducts Structures Roofs and Foundations  Structures Roofs and Foundations Technical Documents, Technical Documents Utility Equipment, Utility Equipment Windows and Doors, Windows and Doors.

3. ArchWeb.it

A well-known Italian architecture community, ArchWeb is a place where professional drat persons, designers, and engineers can interact with each other. ArchWeb has a large storehouse of free CAD blocks. In sum. Select from over 28,000 files, or 6.2 GB of data, to dugout your required blocks. All of the 2D CAD files are stored in the AutoCAD DWG format, Numerous of the documents are available in 3D formats as well.  

The overall design of the website is friendly and easy to navigate. You can simply key in your queries, and you will get your desired CAD files right in front of you on your screen. You can download the free CAD blocks deprived of a prolonged registration procedure. 

So, say this is the place you can come to get some free stuff for spicing up your designs.  

Popular Categories: 

Architectures types, Agronomy, Aircraft – Helicopters, Animals figures, Animal husbandry, Auditorium, Bar – Restaurants, Bathrooms home, Baths, public buildings, and Bioclimatic architecture. Boating – Ships and boats, Bridges and walkways, Cars – vehicles – mobility, computer cad block, Construction details. Equipment construction. Expo – exhibitions, Hotels, House /Residential, download free CAD blocks. 

Fences – Gates, Furniture and equipment, Game rooms – Casino. Garden furniture, Geography maps, Graphic symbols, Hatches (.pat), Hospitals – Clinics, Library, Lifts – vert. connections, Load-bearing structures, Mobility and transports, Museums and Galleries, Offices – work. People with disabilities, People – sports figures, PC – computers, Theatres – Cinemas, Temples – churches, Parking lots, playgrounds, Schools / Universities, Shopping centers. Sports and Games, Stairs – escalators, Street furniture. Symbols north, Technical installations, Trees – parks gardens, Warehouses – storage, Windows – curtain walls, Villas.

4. CAD-Corner.com

After visiting CAD-Corner.com, you will be welcomed with a wide variety of free downloadable CAD blocks and much more stuff. Get all types of free AutoCAD tools, AutoCAD LISP routines, AutoCAD blocks, text styles, AutoCAD details, or AutoCAD hatch patterns. 

They have an excessive range of DWG files. A lot of drafting resources are available, and they are all free!  Compatible with AutoCAD 2006 version, blocks and drawings are available to download free of cost.  

These files can be used easily with Solidworks, DesignCAD 3D Max, BricsCAD, Chief Architect, DraftSight, ProgeCAD, LibreCAD, Microstation PowerDraft, nanoCAD, Sketchup, TurboCAD, Vectorworks, and ZWCAD.  

CAD Blocks Index 

Bathroom cad blocks, Civil symbols and details, Bearings, Doors blocks, Electrical symbols, and blocks. Fasteners, Flow Charts, HVAC, Kitchen, Office, Pins, Pipe Fittings, cad drawing, Plumbing. Space Planning / Furniture, Steel Shapes. Structural Steel, Welding Symbols, Windows.

5. PimpMyDrawing.com

With over 1,291,433 cad blocks, Pimpmydrwing is a free collection of cad people, dwg people, persons, silhouettes, & vector people with cad trees and dwg cars blocks and drawings. 

The very neat and clean, easy-to-use interface of the website offers something a little different in the way of graphic illustration and by providing a limited selection of just people, trees, and cars.  

Popular Categories 

Peoples Library lets you download free fancy 2d cad block people vectors for your drawings.  

Car’s library is a set of fancy 2d cad block car vectors to spice up your drawings with. Trees collection is 2d cad block tree vectors for your drawings for free!

6. CAD-Blocks.co.uk

When we say FREE, it really means free of cost.CAD-Blocks.co.uk is a platform that provides all that you need in totally free, even a registration is not required. Getting your desired stuff is as easy as key in your keywords and clicking on the one you want to download. It is that easy on this stunning website.  

This is a website that you would really love, and bookmarking it is a choice for most visitors.  All of the downloadable files are tested to be error-free and ready to use in any version of AutoCAD.  

Popular Categories: 

Aircraft, Animal, Building Elements, Bolts Full Threaded, Doors Elevation, Doors Plan, Nuts Low Type, Nuts Regular. Steelwork Asymmetric Beams, Steelwork Cold Formed Circular Hollow Sections. Steelwork blocks, Steelwork Joists, Drawing Symbols, 2d cad drawing. download free CAD blocks, Electrical Symbols, North Arrows, Scale Bars, Furniture and Fittings, and Bathroom Baths. Bathroom Sinks, Bathroom Toilets,  Beds Plan, Dining Room, Living Room, Human, Human General, Human Men. Human, Women, Plant Road, Road Signs, Vehicle.

7. CAD-Blocks.net

CAD-Blocks.net offers CAD Blocks collections for architecture projects or plans. There are thousands of files available ready to download and use in DWG and other CAD formats. Free CAD files are compatible with AutoCAD 2004 to the latest release. The amazing thing about this website is you don’t need any registration to download the files.  

Available CAD Blocks Categories: 

Furniture Cad Blocks  Beds, tables, sofas armchairs designs, sofas, chairs, tables and chairs, armchairs, etc.  

Bathroom CAD Blocks  Sinks, WC, baths, spa baths, shower trays, showers, urinals, bidets, etc.  

Vegetation Cad Blocks: plants, trees, potted plants, bushes, palms, conifers, deciduous trees, etc.  

Cars And Vehicles Cad Blocks  Cars, lorries, construction and mining equipment, buses, commercial airplanes, other airplanes, etc. 

 kitchen cad blocks  Ranges, appliances, sinks, range hoods, etc.  

People cad blocks  Plan, groups, people in elevation, etc.  

Doors download free CAD blocks  Architectural cad drawings, elevation doors, double and large doors, plan doors, etc.  

Illumination Cad Blocks  Streetlights, ceiling, and wall lights, table and floor lamps  Other cad blocks:  Stairs, gym equipment, signals, north symbols, office equipment, ironwork, decorative figures, closets, and clothes

8. CAD-Block.com

Using the segment of categories or the search form on this site, you will find the most popular AutoCAD blocks: furniture, people, machines, and plants. Most of the CAD Blocks are made in different projections: top, side, and back views.  

This neat, clean website offers a CAD Library of free DWGBlocks and premium AutoCAD drawings.  All CAD diagrams are of high quality and ready to use. There is no need to go through the registration process, a free CAD Block is just one click away.  

Most Popular CAD Blocks 

Fireplaces, Interiors, Architecture, Balustrade System – download free CAD Block, Architecture. Audi Q8 – download free CAD Block, Peugeot 3008 – download free CAD Block, Cornices Pack – CAD Block, Volkswagen Passat B7 – download Block, Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 – download free Block. Light Bulb – download free Block. 

Locomotive and Rail Wagon – free download Block, Colored Trees Top View – Block. Holden HSV GTS – download free, Nissan Navara Double Cab.  Appliances, Architecture, Electronics & Computers. Furniture, Gates & Fences. Interiors, Lighting, People, Sports, Stairs. Transport, Trees & Plants, CAD Symbols.

9. CAD-Architect.net

CAD Architect is a global CAD store with a collection of6500+ AutoCAD symbols, blocks & drawings for Designers, CAD engineers & CAD-related building industry specialists.  

Popular Cad Downloads 

Download CAD drawings Golf course, Operating theatre, Vehicle turning circles, Basketball stadium, Casino tables, Download CAD Color symbols, boardroom tables, building crane, speedway racetrack, Download CADfiles & symbols – ADA details & drawings, Download CAD Symbols, Blocks& Drawing – Gym equipment, Download CAD Color symbols, cad drawing template, blocks – sedans cars plan, Download CAD symbols, blocks – office furniture library, DownloadCAD Color symbols, blocks – sofas couches, Funeral home, earth moving machines, medical equipment library, plan template – portal frame store, symbols, blocks of mini golf course.  

Cad Building Templates 

Commercial buildings, corporate buildings, educational buildings, functional buildings, industrial buildings, institutional buildings, medical buildings, residential buildings, religious buildings, recreation & sports facilities, and retail buildings.  Cad blocks: animals, bathrooms / sanitary, doors, engineering, furniture, office/retail, people, signs, sport/recreation, symbols/graphics, trees/landscaping, vehicles, security buildings.  

download free CAD blocks of Aircraft: general, helicopters, airliners, military, motorcycles, trains  Vehicles: recreation, sedans, trailers, trucks, vans, general, ship/cargo.  Water: yacht plan, sailboats.  

10. FirstInArchitecture.co.uk

This is where you get a downloadable selection of cad blocks, available in metric and imperial units. The list of blocks is updated occasionally; if there is roughly one you can’t find, let them know, and they’ll see how they can help you.  

Recent Posts and Popular Categories:

Free cad blocks – bed and mattress sizes, coffee machines, kettles and tea, dynamic scale bar, small boats, sports courts, streetlighting, site furniture, shipping containers, park signs, play equipment, fences, gates, chairs, free cad blocks – fountains, AutoCAD blocks gratis free cad blocks people, trees, elevation, furniture – tables, sofas & couches, fire elements and symbols, office items, trees, sun path diagrams, dynamic windows.

11. Boss888.net

The simple and easy-to-navigate design of this website allows you to download tons of free cad items, blocks, symbols, and templates. A range of architectural and interior design blocks are available in AutoCAD 2000 format.

This makes the deliverables compatible with almost all CAD platforms. One of the best things about this website is being updated frequently.

You don’t need to register or sign in to download your desired items, this makes this place a frequent visit site for most of the engineers and architects around the globe.  

Popular Cad Downloads 

Download Decorative elements, Furnishings Accessories, FreePalace building blocks, Accessibility facilities, Car Blocks Download, CeilingDetails, Chinese Decorative Elements, Chinese Furniture Blocks, ConcreteStructure Details, Decorative Elements, Dragon and Phoenix blocks, ElectricalBlocks, Elevator, Free Floor Details, Foundation Details  Furniture Blocks, Home Plans, Interior Design Blocks, Lamp CAD Blocks, Landscape Blocks, Lift Block, Office, Office Table Blocks, Painting Blocks Download, Paving & Ground Blocks Download. People Blocks, Plumbing, Restaurant Plan, Roof Details, Square Design, Stair Blocks Download, Stair Elevation Cad, Steel Structure Details, Symbol, Toilet Blocks, Tree Blocks, Tree Blocks Download, Washington Dulles, International Airport Drawing, Wood Structure Details, Wrought Iron Railings.  

12. Syncronia.com

Syncronia.com offers a wide variety of 3d models free download for interior design, furniture, and architectural items. And the collection is growing occasionally. Free 3D models are available in many different BIM and CAD formats. 

One of the best websites to get everything you want to effectively use the product you chose for your rendering.  All of the services offered by Syncronia.com are totally free of charge, this includes the 3D model downloads as well.  

Popular Downloads: 

BIM objects and 3d Models, Bathroom, Home decor and furnishing accessories, Kitchen, Furniture, Building, Contract and public places, Finishes, Installations and heating, Lighting, Outdoor, Wellness and spas, Doors and windows, Textures, Doors finishes, External and internal cladding, facades, and masonry. Fabrics and carpets, Indoor and Outdoor flooring, Roofing, Mosaics, window cad block, Paintings, Laminates and metals, Fabrics and carpets, Ceramic tiles, Stone, Wood, and Wallpaper.  

13. BiblioCAD.com

Loaded with over 117.237 CAD blocks to download for free and premium, BiblioCAD.com is one of the largest catalogs of free AutoCAD blocks available in 3DS MAX, DWG, RVT, SKP, and many more. 

BiblioCAD is the biggest library of the Global SkilledCommunity that allows to download and exchange CAD, BIM blocks, and 3D Objects. A CAD library to help you boost your professional work.  

Popular Downloads: 

Free AutoCAD blocks for architecture, engineering and construction, Acoustic insulation, Animals, Bathrooms and pipe fittings, Building codes standards, Calculations, Climate conditioning, Construction details, Construction site, people cad block, Construction systems, Doors, and windows, Drawing with AutoCAD. Electrical lighting, Electronic, Farms, Furniture, and equipment, Historic, Hospitals, Landscaping, Machinery – mechanical, Mech – elect – plumb, Parks and gardens, People, People with disabilities, Pools and swimming pools, Projects, Roads, bridges and dams, Sports and recreation, Stairways, Symbols, Textures and background images, Trees and plants, Urban design, Urban infrastructure, Urban objects, Vehicles blocks.

14. CADAPlus.com

This stunning website in the black and dark theme allows visitors to easily navigate to any of the available information and download it in a matter of some clicks. 

Popular Downloads: 

Accessories, Aeroplanes, Animals, Architectural, Bathroomblocks free download, Bikes, Cars, Constructions, Doors, Furniture, Hospital, Kitchen, Lamps, Objects, People blocks, Profiles, Sites, Sports, Symbols, Vegetation, Vehicles, Windows.

15. CeCo.net

Coceo.net is one the most extensive website with a significant amount of free downloadable stuff for CAD operators.

A considerable number of visitors download free AutoCAD blocks from this website.  Ceco.net offers AutoCAD block drawing free blocks, drawings, symbols, templates, sketches, designs patterns, designing figures, pictures, images, planes, and blueprints.  

Blocks Categories: 

Architecture AutoCAD blocks, Bathrooms Detail locks, Decorative elements blocks, Equipment blocks, Sports Gym Fitness cad drawings, Furniture blocks, Garden & Landscaping AutoCAD blocks, Plants Bushes drawings, Trees drawings, People, Group of people. Kids & Family, Men, people cad block, Women AutoCAD block, Symbols, Signs & Signals cad blocks, North Arrows AutoCAD drawings, Vehicles AutoCAD blocks, Aircrafts AutoCAD drawings, Bikes & Motorcycles, Boats & Ships drawings, Cars AutoCAD drawings.  

16. FastTrackCAD.com

Fastrackcad.com enables you to select CAD details you demand to view or download by either the Product Type or Company Name listed below.

The services offered on this simple website are totally free; you just need to register yourself to download all the time more wide-ranging range of building component CAD Drawings.  

Best Categories: 

Marine Shutters, Access Doors, people cad block, AccessHatches, Acoustic Ceilings, Acoustic Floors, Acoustic Insulation, AcousticShutters, Adjustable Support Pedestals, Aluminum Fascia, Architectural CastStone, Architectural Features, Glass Blocks, Ironmongery, Stonework, Stone, Doors, Gates, Balconies, Balustrade & Handrails, Bar Design, Bar Fittings& Equipment, Bar Units – Mobile, Basement Waterproofing, Gates, GlassBricks & Walls, Glazing, Green Roofs, Grilles  Hand Dryers, Healthcare Furniture, Industrial Doors, GroundFloors, Internal Walls & Floors, Lifts, Masonry Blocks, Pipe Fittings, Porticos, Pre-Applied Type A Waterproofing, Pressure Pipeline Products, Profiles, Pumps, PVC-UE & PVC-U Building Products, Railings, RainwaterSystems, Reconstituted Stone & Render Beads.

17. CADForum.cz

CADFORUM has quite a large library of Blocks. Though the style of old school boys it has the oldest Free CAD and BIM blocks library – content for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360, and other 2D and 3D CAD applications by Autodesk. CAD files and blocks are ready to be downloaded in a number of formats i.e.; DWG, F3D, RFA, and IPT. Y

ou can exchange your own blocks and symbols with other BIM and CAD professionals.  You can find 1317 blocks for Electrical items, and 9285 blocks for Generic or Architectural blocks.

9285 Number of blocks and 3994 blocks for mapping mechanical and piping details. There are 275 blocks for transportation experts also. And the quantity is boosting as well.  

18. DraftsPerson.net

If you are in the CAD industry for long, you must frequently be visiting this amazing website. Everyone knows draftsperson.net very well. You can find free symbols and CAD blocks in AutoCAD 2000 format. The blocks and drawings are tested to avoid any Educational stamps on the drawings.  

Popular Categories 

Man on bike, Woman, walking frame, Man with bag walking, Man wearing a suit, Fixtures, Doors elevation view, Doors plan view, Fixtures, Handrails, people cad block, Kitchen Fixtures, Furniture, Indoor Plants, Furniture for the Bedroom, King size beds, Furniture for the Dining Room, Lounge Furniture, Structural, Australian Precast, Australian Steel, Ejections PFC, Australian Steel Sections, MechanicalLifting, Metric Bolts, Steel Stairs and Ladders, Uni-Ezystrut, Civil RoadMedian Barriers and Krebs, Fences and Gates, Light House Building, Landscaping, Trees in plan, Trees in, Elevation, Swimming Pools, Symbols & Signs, Street Signs, Symbols: Arrows, Pointing Hand.  Symbols, Brackets, Centre/Center Line, North Points, Road/Pavement Markings, Scale Bars, Sections and Details, Span Direction, Korean Recycling, Hydraulic Symbols to AS1101.1-2007.  

People and Animals 

Animals, Children, Couples in Elevation, Dimensions of people, Disabled, Family in Elevation, Group Outlines of People, Groups of Men, Groups of People Elevation, Groups of Women, Men, Men sitting, Men with Bags, Men with equipment, People on Bikes cad block, Plan View of People, Police, SciFi Characters, Speakers, USA Civil War Soldiers, Women Sitting in Elevation, Women on crutches/walking frames, Women with Bags, Women with Equipment, Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Planes, Ambulance, Bus and Coach, Cars, Excavators, Forklifts, Formula One, Helicopters, Humvee / Hummer, Limousine, Scooters, Motorbikes, Trains, Trucks, Military Aircraft, Electrical, Electrical Symbols, CAD blocks of Electrical Symbols AS-NZS, Equipment, Bicycle to AS2890.3, Fire, Music, Miscellaneous Equipment, Office Equipment, Sports Equipment, WasteManagement, Wheelchairs, Guns, Artillery and Cannons, Miscellaneous, Military, Watercraft & Jet Ski.  

19. BimObject.com

BIMobject.com has a wealth of manufacturer-specific BIMobjects for contractors, designers, engineers and architects.

There are 366,177 parametric BIM objects for 1,311 brands and 61,772,261 products comprising 57,216 product families. You have access to 33,082,972 downloads on this amazing free website.  

Popular Categories 

Construction, Access doors & panels, Anchors &Fixings, Balcony, Beams & Lintels, Ceiling, Chimney, Columns, Decks, Slabs& Floors, Details, Documentation, Escalators, Frames & Trusses, JoiningSystems, Ladders, Lift systems, Modular Construction, Railing, Ramps, RoofAccessories, Shading Systems, Site Construction, Stairs, Steelwork, Paint, Varnishes & Finishes, Electrical Installations, Security, Cameras &Accessories, Engineering & Infrastructure, Chairs, Stools & Benches.  

20. DWGModels.com

DWG Models offers a huge CAD drawing files library for designers, architects, engineers, and draftsmen. You will notice a beautiful and modern site design as compared to the other websites in the list. The catalog holds diagrams, symbols, free blocks, assemblies, and a lot more.

You can say there is something for everyone. All files on offer are well-suited with AutoCAD software.  Even no registration is required. But if you have an account, it will be easier for you to view the files thoroughly. 

DWG Models has a whole page devoted to free downloadable blocks. You can buy premium models on the Buy page. Categories and subcategories are listed on the left side of the site. In all, there seems to be a lot to examine through.  


 Animals, Architectural details, Industrial Architecture, Bridges, Construction details, Fences – Gates, Graphic symbols, Landscaping, Interiors, Maps, Urban planning, Public Buildings, People, Villas, Trees and Plants, Transport, Lifts, Elevators.  

Sub Categories: 

Greek Patter, free Architectural details, Office FurniturePlan dwg free, free Furniture, Spiral Stair dwg download free, Winter Treesdwg, cad file download free, Crib file download free, Doors and Windows in Plandwg, cad file download free, people cad block, Sofas Set dwg cad file download free, Bulldozers dwg, cad file download free, free Building technics, People in Bathtub dwg, free People /Sanitary engineering,  Group of Trees dwg, cad file downloads free, free Trees and Plants / Landscaping, Hummer H2 (2002) dwg, Scooter Driver dwg, free motorcycles, and People blocks.  

What is your chosen CAD block site? Let me see in the remarks below!

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