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AutoCAD Tutorial for Zoomed Viewport Bubble

Make a Zoomed Viewport Bubble- AutoCAD Tutorial

This article focuses on the AutoCAD tutorial for zoomed viewport bubbles. It is a cool graphic effect to display context and an enlarged detail of a specific area in the drawing.

So, today, I was asked how to create a viewport within viewport AutoCAD. He was trying to Insert a viewport over an existing one to show a small one within the big one.

This post will teach you how to wipe out behind a viewport in AutoCAD. You will learn how to use a viewport clip to make the viewport. In other words, a viewport in another viewport.

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The enlarged viewport bubble is a cool graphic effect that simultaneously shows context and detail.

In this tutorial, you need two nested viewports to achieve this effect—one rectangular and one circular. The trick is the objects in the rectangular viewport must not appear within the overlapping circular viewport.

This AutoCAD tutorial explains overlapping viewports by using the viewport AutoCAD command.

Step-by-Step AutoCAD Tutorial – Overlaying Viewports

You can achieve this sophisticated effect only by creating viewports from objects, and even then, the objects must be unique. To see how it’s done, follow along:

  • Create two layers to hold the viewports. Ultimately, one layer will remain on, showing the circular viewport and the other will be turned off to hide the rectangular viewport frame. For now, create two layers, Viewport-A and Viewport-B, and leave them on.
  • Create a layout and add a title block. Draw a rectangular polyline to represent the outer viewport.
  • Draw a circle somewhere inside the rectangle you drew in the previous step. This is destined to become an enlarged bubble.
  • Copy and paste the circle in place. This will have two overlying circles.
  • Type the REGION command in the command line, and select the first rectangle and any of both circles.
  • SUBTRACT the smaller region from the larger by selecting the rectangular region first, pressing Enter, and then selecting the circular region. You’re left with one region and one circle.
  • Convert the region into a viewport by using MVIEW’s Object option. Put this viewport on layer Viewport-A, and then turn it off. If you’ve done it right, the drawing will appear in the rectangular area but not within the circle. So far, so good. 8. Set layer Viewport-B current so the next viewport will be on this layer. Convert the remaining ring into a viewport.

Pan and zoom as necessary to create an enlarged plan within the bubble. Voila!

Viewport Clip AutoCAD Tutorial

Overlaying viewports is a bit challenging, but with this method, it is quite easy to Insert a viewport over an existing viewport. ViewportClip is one command that lets us make this happen in just one click.

Here is another video tutorial to show you How to create a viewport inside a viewport.

In this video tutorial, the ViewPortClip command is used to edit the viewport in AutoCAD.Create a viewport within a viewport by overlapping viewports in AutoCAD.

By using this method, you can make the viewport smaller or larger.

Let me know what you think about this AutoCAD tutorial. If you know any other way to do this, do let me know in the comments section.

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