Download Free Lisp to Display the Area of Polylines in AutoCAD

Lisp to Display the Area of Polylines in AutoCAD 

FreeCADTipsAndTricks is back this week with another excellent lisp routine for AutoCAD.  Areaon.lsp is a LISP routine that will display the entire area of a selection set of objects. 

This can be supportive if you want to compute the total area of multiple closed polylines, for example.  

Start by loading the LISP file, Appload the lisp file by entering AP in the AutoCAD command line. 

 “Command: AP APPLOAD AREARON.LSP successfully loaded.” Will be displayed in the command line.

The command for starting the lisp file is “AreaOn.”

The function of the AutoLISP: 

  1. It will first request youspecify the scale of drawing (e.g., you type 1, 10 or 20, etc., it’ll change the text size consequently).“ENTER SCALE (1.00): 1 “ 
  2. Enter the number of decimal places you need forfigures “HOW MANY DECIMAL PLACES?: (3.00):”
  3. Finally, it asks to select thepolylines. “SELECT CLOSED POLYLINES:” Make sure all the objects are polylines and are closed. 
  4. After selection ofpolylines hit enter. 

If you need to calculate the area of Polylines you can use this code.  It displays the area of all Polylines separately.

The above lisp is very helpful to save a lot of time otherwise we will have to do the above operation manually which is time taking and sometimes results in errors.  

It is a lisp routine that helps too much, as a quantity surveyor needs to calculate the area and volume-based closed polylines.

The result gives a textwritten area figure inside each polyline area.  When you type the command AREAON, nothing will seem to occur, on the screen but in the background, the lisp has started functioning. 

First, it asks for the scale of text, and then upon selection of polylines, it shows the area of every polyline inside it. Now you can leave the command by pressing the enter key, and all of the results will be displayed on the screen.  

One of my colleagues asked me for a lisp that calculates the area of multiple rectangles in the AutoCAD Drawing. He needed to show the area of many rectangles in the drawing. Here is a very useful lisp that we found to accomplish this task.  

Download Free Lisp File Below


The lisp code was written by Ron Maneja 31jan08. We appreciate their effort in writing this lisp and being helpful.  

There are some plugins also available for AutoCAD. Of course, you can buy the plugin as well. But if you are looking for something that is free this lisp routine is just for you free of charge and ready to download.  

How to Calculate the Area in AutoCAD Download Free Lisp FileFree Online Training tutorial. This lisp uses a fantastic way to Calculate the Area in AutoCAD.