10 Best Freelance Websites to Find Part Time Jobs

10 Best Freelance Websites to Find Part-Time Jobs

Digitalization is spreading quickly, and people worldwide tend to involve computers and the Internet in almost all of their daily work. Many private and Government industries have started working with modern technology to get fast and quality output. The result is that the quantity and quality of work is improving. But, the rate of unemployment for well-experienced professionals is also increasing. In this case, freelancing websites effectively provide online part-time jobs for almost all of the professionals from every industry.

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Working from home on flexible working hours is no longer a dream. Globalization has brought the offices into your own bedrooms. If you are looking for part-time jobs near you, your computer is the nearest place to look for a job. Several home-based AutoCAD drawing jobs are posted online while you read this post. This article is about top freelancing websites for those who want to work from home and be freelancers.

At the start of 2015, it was noticed that an increasing number of people were moving toward freelancing sites. Nowadays, people are more comfortable working from home and being their own boss. The research shows that in October 2015, over 54 Million people in the US alone have done freelance work in the past year, and many more freelancers are working worldwide by using their skills.

In this era of the digital world, every person, when freelance work is needed, types in Google, and they mostly end up finalizing a deal with a freelancer on one of the following freelancing websites. Every freelancer wants to link with future clients on freelancing platforms. So many websites are available online where you can work as a freelancer, but here we are discussing only the top 10 websites worldwide. These websites provide part-time jobs while working from home without any investment. These websites attract freelance writers, photographers, copywriters, and web developers.

The primary purpose of these websites is to connect the buyer and seller easily.

Here is a list of our top freelancing platforms where you can get real value for your expertise and time by working on real-life projects for global clients.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • 99Desings
  • Freelancer
  • FlexJobs
  • Guru
  • Crowded
  • Simply Hired
  • PeoplePerHour

1) Upwork (Get started freelancing):

Upwork is one of the very famous and most used webplaces in the category of freelancing websites. Upwork has made it so easy to find part-time AutoCAD work from home. Upwork is a freelancing website founded in 2015. The headquarters are based in Mountain View, California, United States. The Full name is Upwork Global Inc. As of March 2017, it reported 14 million users are registered. It’s a massive network to work with if you have skills. In the case of AutoCAD, you can work here as an AutoCAD drafter, 2D & 3D Modeling, Vectorworks Draftsman Realistic 3D Rendering in Vectorworks for Trade Shows, Entertainment, and Lighting. Vectorworks draftsman specializes in Architectural Floor Plans / Layouts for apartments, houses, and offices. Drafting of 2D site plans, 2D sections, and elevations. Realizing 3D renderings. Here, you can work on hourly and fixed-priced projects. Upwork is the giant of the freelancing industry and is the most extensive network by a long stretch. Upwork is one of the best sources of online part-time jobs for students and housewives. Blog writers and influencers are assets for freelance writer websites like Upwork.

2) Fiverr (Find Freelance Work):

When it comes to part-time jobs from home without investment, Fiverr is no exception. Several home-based AutoCAD drawing jobs are being processed on Fiverr. Fiverr is also an online marketing place for freelancers. Founded in 2010. The headquarters are based in Israel.  In 2012, almost three million services were listed on Fiverr. The owners are Fiver International Limited, a Jewish state-run industry. The industry includes a Freelance marketplace, Online outsourcing, and a Service catalog. Services offered on the site include photo editing, writing, translation, video editing, computer-aided design, Drafting, architecture, and many more based on your skills.

Here, you can provide different services based on your skills, like Service Type.

  • Floor Plans
  • Modeling
  • Rendering
  • Designing
  • Structural design
  •  BIM modeling

And many more services.

So many cad workers are already available on this platform, and they provide very professional and Authentic services at very reasonable prices for both buyer and seller. Here, you can demand according to your needs by creating a GIGS OR Proposal for the buyer so he can hire you according to his budget. If your client is happy and you succeed in impressing with your work, you can also get cad drafting contract work from the client.

  • Preparation of HVAC design and shop Drawings
  • Ducting Layout
  • Chilled Water Piping Layout
  • HVAC Schematic Drawings
  • HVAC Standard Detail

Most of the content generated online is handled through freelance writer websites by professional freelancers.

3) Toptal (Do Freelance Work):

Toptal is also a freelancing website in the online marketplace, one of the most well-known and widely used sites worldwide. It was also founded in 2010. The headquarters is based in Silicon Valley, California. The industry is based on the Freelancer marketplace employment websites. The service only works on technical projects. Only THREE PERCENT registrations are accepted into the Toptal network to work online.

Toptal is a freelancing platform that connects businesses with engineers, architects, designers, and business consultants globally. Toptal is one of the famous freelance photographers’ websites that allows home-based photographers to communicate and get their work to the global market.

You can work here as a designer, developer, etc. Here, you can work as a CAD Designer, for drafting, etc., but they only hire the top 3% of Freelance talent worldwide, so applying is challenging.

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4) 99Designs (Get Freelance Work):

99Design is a site for designers. The headquarters is based in Melbourne, Australia. The company was founded in 2008, and the head office is based in Oakland, California. The Type of site is also a freelance marketplace, outsourcing, and employment website.

This site is very beneficial in the design field because here, you can get

“A New Design in Every 2 Seconds”

A new design is created on 99Desings every 2 seconds, making it a handy site for designers.  The website provides you with a wide range of designs you can choose from there, or you can change things based on your preferences. This site is for people looking to design logos or branding.

99Designs is a marketplace for freelancers who want part-time AutoCAD work from home. A huge number of creators are working here, and for AutoCAD workers, it is a good site to choose because of creativeness in the design department and the huge number of options to create a different design. There are so many options  like :

Architectural Designing

  • CAD designs
  • Floor Layouts
  • House maps
  • Drafting

Logo & Identity

  • brand identity pack
  • social media pack
  • hosted website
  • Brand guide
  • Business card
  • Stationery

Web & app design

  • Web page design
  • WordPress theme design
  • Landing page design
  • Icon or button
  • App design
  • Facebook cover
  • Social media page
  • Bannered

Business & Advertising

  • Postcards, flyers or print
  • Poster
  • Infographic
  • Brochure
  • Car, truck, or van wrap
  • Signage
  • Clothing & Merchandise
  • T-shirt
  • Clothing or apparel
  • Merchandise
  • Cup or mug
  • Sticker

Art & illustration

  • Illustration or graphics
  • Card or invitation
  • Character or mascot
  • Tattoo
  • 3D

Packaging & label

  • Product packaging
  • Product label

Book & magazine

  • Book cover
  • Magazine cover
  • Typesetting
  • Typesetting with imagery

5) Freelancer (Become A Freelancer):

Almost every minute, new home-based AutoCAD drawing jobs are posted on freelancing websites globally. By the term Freelancer, we commonly refer to a self-employed person who is not committed to particular long-term employment. As we can see, there are so many websites which are offering us a platform to work from our home and Freelancer is also from one of those websites.

In Freelancer, almost 17 million users are registered, but not all of them are active still; what separates it from other websites/job sites is it’s competitive. Here you can post a BID as your proposal so a buyer can see your bids and connect you according to his needs, and you will work for them according to their needs on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. Here, you cannot copy someone’s work due to copyrights, so you need to be very professional especially in the field of CAD. So many CAD workers are also available here, and they provide so many services as we discussed above like Draftsman, Vectorworks, mapping, etc.

6) FlexJobs (Easy Freelance Jobs):

Flex jobs are not freelancers; it is a job search site for a freelancer, part-time employee, full-time, etc. According to your flexibility, they provide you with a job list. It stands out as a freelance job site by vetting jobs. Here, freelancers are the ones who pay for the platform, and in return, the site provides them with a list of jobs that are recently updated. Freelancer reviews the job list according to his/her needs and can apply to those jobs through the contact information provided by the flexjobs.  You can also find freelance graphic design jobs, logo design jobs, software development, or freelance project manager jobs on FlexJobs.

Here, you can choose the type of work flexibility, like

100% Remote work, Remote-Any Level, Flexible Schedule, Alternative Schedule

Freelancer, Part-time Full time, etc.

7) Guru (Start Freelancing):

Guru has completed 1 million job posts on their site and received almost $200 Million in payouts in 2001. Now, Guru has nearly 1.5 million people working here as freelancers. To manage the enormous number of freelancers effectively, clients can look through freelancer Portfolios that include your previous earnings and previous client reviews as well as skills and experience. Guru is famous for part-time jobs from home data entry, freelance writing jobs, freelance graphic design jobs, and AutoCAD 2D jobs online.

The site is suitable for AutoCAD designers to create a portfolio of their companies or self-portfolios to attract clients.

8) Crowded (Part-Time Jobs Near Me):

Crowded was founded in 2015; this site already hosts more than 11 thousand service providers and 400 professional associates. Don’t be amazed if this freelance site becomes much more significant in the coming years based on the growth we have seen. It is one of the top tech freelancing websites in the market.

The core intentions of this website are to fix the supply and demand problem with freelance job opportunities and supply the right workers and freelancers with the right opportunities.

The first step is to register yourself by clicking on the “I am ready to work “button.

In the next step, you must choose your role and what kind of freelancer you are. After this, click on Get Started and complete the other requirements.

9) SimplyHired (Online Work From Home):

If you want to get part-time AutoCAD drawing work from home, don’t forget to visit SimplyHired. SimplyHired is an online employment website. The headquarters is in Sunnyvale, California, US. The company was founded in 2003; the type of site is “Job Search Engine “hired has a wider range than most freelance job sites because this website is not only focused on freelancer work but also a job directory offering 6 million jobs in 974 fields/ occupations over 700 thousand unique employers in 24 different countries.

 The company collects thousands of jobs from different websites and then advertises those jobs on their website and mobile app.

For job seekers, they provide services like (job search, resume upload, custom profile, etc.). You can find easy jobs from home by working part-time.

10) PeoplePerHour (Best Freelance Website 2019):

PeoplePerHour is a marketplace for online jobs for students to earn money by utilizing their free time. It is a site for freelancers with various skills related to web projects, web developers, designers, draftsmen, AutoCAD workers, SEO experts,s and many more. It was founded in 2007. The headquarters is based in London. The type of site is private. People per hour limited is a UK-based company whose function is an online platform giving business access to people who want to work as freelancers from their homes. To simplify the process even more, so this site offers a tool called WORK STEAM in which organization expenses and communication between employers and freelancers are all handled on one website.

In freelancing sites, if you have skills, you can earn a passive income through them. Fiverr & Upwork are two of the best places to work as a freelancer, and for the creative design field, 99design is the best site, in my opinion.

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