Create custom Viewport in AutoCAD

How to Create A Viewport in Autocad Layout?

How to Create A Viewport in Autocad Layout

Simple and easy steps to Create A Viewport in Autocad layout for final printout. In this tutorial, a very useful trick and practice are shared to make the AutoCAD layout with multiple viewports. 

One of the viewports is rectangular and the other is circular, which is made by selecting a custom object to obtain the desired viewport shape.

In this practice, one viewport is shown to display the key-plan of the drawing and the other is showing the points of interest in the specific area of the project, by zooming the specified area or place. 

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Mvsetup and mv commands are used to do this practice. In the end, you can also set the printing scale of the drawing by changing the viewport scale of the rectangular and circular viewport.

You can lock and unlock the viewports by clicking on lock button on the bottom right of the screen. This will not change the view scale and position of a viewport. This is a helping trick that I am practicing for making nice and detailed drawing presentations.

How to Create A Viewport in Autocad Layout, New Online Tutorial

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How to make multiple viewports in AutoCAD layout.

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