Download Free AutoCAD Lisps for Surveyors

Download Free AutoCAD Lisps for Surveyors

Are you a surveyor? Are you constantly researching and understanding the ins and outs of survey software? Are you continually refreshing and researching data and maps online to keep up with the latest trends and new applications? 

Have you finally found the perfect, reliable, advanced survey software to help you with all of your survey needs? Then this guide may be exactly what you need.  Surveyors can now easily download free AutoCAD lisp for their maps. This makes it easy for them to conduct surveys and evaluate their work in drawings.  

As a surveyor, you have to use Autocad software. But how do you learn how to use it? How do you keep up with the latest changes? In this guide, you’ll find out how to download the most popular dataset for Autocad, post about them on your blog, and earn cash from it by selling them on your online store.

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What are the benefits of using lisp in AutoCAD? 

One of the biggest benefits of using lisp in AutoCAD is making it easier to do things. AutoCAD is a complex program, so it requires a lot of time to learn. If you have Lisp programming skills, you can use them to speed up learning AutoCAD. 

For example, one helpful thing you can do with a lisp is to quickly enter dimensions in AutoCAD without having to worry about typing dimensions or other things that AutoCAD requires you to type.  

Are you looking For Download Free AutoCAD Lisps for Surveyors? We have the best ones you will find. We have the best ones you will find.  Being an AutoCAD surveyor is not only about drawing maps but also about drawing with a proper lisp. Learn how to use lisp, so you can start creating surveys.

How do I use the Lisp files for AutoCAD? 

Sometimes you might want to use the lisp files to help you create things like tables and other diagrams. In that case, just follow along with the video, and it will be easy for you to do the same thing.

We all need to learn to code and look at programming to get into the profession of data and research, and then we can start thinking like data scientists. If you can’t get a Lisp, how about Python? How many languages do you know today? Go

These lisp files will help you to turn your AutoCAD application into a powerful surveying tool.

Get the Lisp files for AutoCAD 

The link below contains a complete lisp library for AutoCAD. If you’re not familiar with a lisp and only know the version of AutoCAD you’re using, this can be very helpful. But what if you’re using a different version?  If you’re using AutoCAD 2022, you can download the latest lisp version at the link below.  We all know that CAD software can be expensive. If you are a surveyor, you might be looking for free alternatives to AutoCAD. With the help of our friends, you can use some free lisp files to help with drawing surveyors’ maps. We hope you enjoy this article! To download the lisp files, scroll down for the link.  

List of Lisp Files for Surveyors

 Here is the list of AutoCAD lisp libraries that you can download from the link given below.

Lisp NameCommandDescription
ADDLEN.lspADDLENTotal lengths of AutoCAD linear objects.
AREARONAREARONWrite the area of objects.
CD.VLXcdMark the coordinates in drawing Easting and Northing
Chainage.VLXchainageMark the chainage of the polyline as you require.
CHELV.LSPCLChange the Numeric text the elevation and the Precision of the Numeric value.
Click2XLS AND Text2XLS.vlxClick2XLS, Text2XLSCoordinates will export to xls and also text export to xls.
COORDCOORDUsed for List of coordinates in Autocad
Coord without N, E.LSPcrFor coordinates given in axis x-axis and y-axis not showing Northing and easting.
COORD.LSPCoordRead the coordinates of a block & arrange the details in tabular form. 
Coordinates of points in table form.LSPCoordCoordinates take by click, and after that, make a table of coordinates
Coordinates with Table Ann. LSPCN, CSN, RES, CRT   Coordinates with Table        Numbering & creating Table  
ThorCOORDINATEStake out coordinates from the drawing and mark them in the drawing.
COORDINATES.LSPCheck the description in lisp code.
CURVE.LSPcurSimple curve marking in cad with start end and radius point.
DrawGrid.LSPDgridNot Found
Easting & Northing without UCS world.LSPENEasting & Northing To place Coordinate without Ucs World 
elevation match. LSPE3Change the elevation in AutoCAD.
ElevationMarkerV1-1.lspemDynamically generates a grid with a specified number of rows and columns.                                          Works in all UCS/Views.  
Export Points.LSPPO2TXTExport list of points from AutoCAD to Text
EXPORTS DATA TO WORD (a2w).LSPa2w Exports selected text to Word document
ExportXYZ.lspNothing to show in cad and commandExport XYZ values to txt.
GA.lspGASimple mark alike and write text inline or above in line and rotate the text to any angle.
GA-no line.LSPGASimple mark alike and write text inline or above in line and rotate the text to any angle.
Google.LSPETx,y Coordinates on Leader Lines
GRAPH.LSPGRAPH Lisp file for surveyors to export the easting northing with elevation data from AutoCAD.
GRID00.LSPNothing to show in cad and commond
Import Points.LSPIMPO Import coordinate & create Table
IMPORTXYZ.LSPIMPORTXYZImport coordinates from a file.
Label Point.LSPLPLabeling N, E Coordinates with Leader
SSLLAYLENGTH Sum Line Length and arrange in Table by layer
LB Coordinate Labelslb Automatic coordinate labeling Will use current leader style and current unit setting
Length of line. LSPSSLNLabel line length (decimal feet)
level calculation with scale.LSPDlevel calculation with scale
Level. LSP2Simply click and mark coordinates in drawing without indicating e n z and x y z 
NE_Coordinates.VLXNE_CoordinatesClick and mark coordinates in the drawing.
NEWTPNEWTPUsed for auto Numbering with attribute block
NGL.LSPNGLClick and mark the coordinates in the drawing.
Polyline Area & Length FA.LSPFA Show the closed polyline area and length of the object.
PRLVVCreate road or utility longitudinal profiles
profiling10.lspproFind the slope in %age AutoCAD by clicking two points of the line
PTL.LSPPTLCreate points with elevations.
Pts2file.VLXpts2fileSimple point output in CSV file.
Slope calculation.LSPSlChange the object to any other layer in AutoCAD.
Slope n superelevation. LSPSlopeStn-Elev. lsp
Stn-Elev.lspDat, Stn & uw   Find the slope in %age AutoCAD by clicking two points of line
Find the slope in %age AutoCAD by clicking two points of the linesupStation & Elevation, To get Stn & PGL 
tlen.lspTLENTotal LENgth of selected objects
TOTAL AREA.lspsareaArea of the selected closed object.
Total Aria calculeter.lspa2f This program allows a user to create an MText object containing a    Field Expression referencing the area, or sum of areas, of one or more selected objects.
total length. LSPTLenThis command will give the total length for all polylines for the selected layer.
TOTAL LENGHT.lspTOTotal lengths of objects. Polylines, LWPolylines, Splines, Arcs, Circles, Lines, and Ellipse
Vertical curve.LSPVERTIPrepare a vertical curve with the data given in cad.
VPScale(m).LSPSB, SBBUsed for viewport scale settings, Insert scale bars and annotations for the viewport
write_point_level-NEW.lspWp1Write level(z-coordinate)of a point near the point, Places text in a new layer for text level.
XY COORD.lspCRClick and mark the coordinates.
XYZ is used for only XYZ  to write. LSPXYZClick and mark the coordinates without any sign x y z  or e n z.
XZ-Coordinates With Description. LSPXZWrite Coordinates with Description.
Z VALUE ZPT.lspzptDraw points with Z value
ZGrid.LSPZGridDraw grid lines with easting northing

This is a list of free AutoCAD lisp for surveyors. It’s a beneficial program that you can use for all of your surveying needs – from drawing maps to calculating area and volume to measuring angles and more. 

All of the data is stored in a database that you can access using the database management system that comes with this program. You can also use it to export data into a variety of formats, which will help with your final deliverable.

Download the Free Lisp Files For Surveyors

Set up AutoCAD to use the lisp files    

To use the AutoCAD lisp for surveyors, you need to set up AutoCAD to use the lisp files. If you’re using AutoCAD LT or any other version of AutoCAD that doesn’t have the lisp files, then you won’t be able to use the AutoCAD lisp for surveyors.    


Large libraries of free lisp files are useful for all sorts of jobs. I used these handy lisp files to create map data. This article will cover the essential features that you need to know about the lisp files.

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