AutoCAD Online A360 Features

AutoCAD Online, A360 Features

Heard about AutoDesk A360? Everyday design collaboration for design groups. View, share, review and notice all of your project information in one place. Moreover, firmly share massive advanced 3D models and 2-dimensional drawings with anyone. Transfer your file and build a link to instantly share by email, chat or even introduce into a website. Permission options allow you to manage your file access, downloading and period.

Powerful viewing technology brings well-elaborated visualizations of your two dimensional & 3D models online, or on any computer or mobile device. With support for over 50 CAD formats, you’ll be able to access, find, share and review your drawings with your team while not downloading any of the software packages of plug-ins.

Spend less time looking out among emails, spreadsheets, or different file versions once attempting to seek out what you wish. With no downloads, at the same time review, comment and reiterate on drawings. Stakeholders create choices along, navigating through models and sharing comments inside a browser or on a mobile device.

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On Any Device, Anywhere, Any Time

It Installs as a component of AutoCAD, AutoCAD based verticals typically, Inventor. If the A360 app is available on your mobile or portable computer, you’ll be able to read, share, comment and markup drawings on the go.

A360 features

Design and engineering project collaboration tools create it straightforward to transfer, download, view, search, edit, and supply feedback on project and information data. Users can use any internet browser to search, check, share, and edit their design files by using Online DWG viewer for Autodesk and competitive formats at any time. Highly indexed statistics makes it easy to seek out elaborated data deep within assemblies, models, datasets and info archives. A360 supports many types of file—Autodesk and competitive information types — also to non-design info together with documents, displays, and spreadsheets.

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Integrated Services

Cloud Storage

Store all project and drawing statistics secured to the newest trade standards, certifications, and secret writing technology.

A360 offers a whole set of options for keeping your project in the middle and connecting everybody in one space.

2D & 3D Viewer

Web-based viewing of models and drawings brings made visualization right in an exceeding browser. Support for over fifty file formats – together with Autodesk® file formats, Solidworks®, CATIA®, Pro-E®, Rhino® and NX®.

Share files simply

Upload any file to A360 and build a link to instantly share your 3D models or second drawings by email, chat or insert directly into a website.

Real-time review

Throughout the work, progress Converse and obtain a response from your project stakeholders. Flip your drawing files into bright, shared workspaces with A360. Invite others to observe right within your diagram files.

Design information

See design and drawing references directly through the item summary, facilitating distributed drawing.

Quickly realize information

Search, filter and apprehend project data rapidly across design models, complicated assemblies, info archives, and project activity feed.

Mobile access

Access yours designs from your Smartphone or portable devices with the A360 mobile app accessible for Android and iOS operated devices.

Organize information

Always remove the proper file version and guarantee everybody on your team – onsite and within the workplace – has access to the correct files, project information, and designs.


A360 secure all assignment and representation info to the most up-to-date industry principles, certifications, and coding technology. A360 Drive information is kept severally from your A360 jobs.


Reach your statistics from any device. Transfer and access large files anytime, anyplace and of any type. Folder-based personal cloud storage service. A360 Drive information is accessible from A360

Product Description

A360 could be a cloud-based space that organizes and connect your panel and project data across your portable devices, the web, and computers.


Two packages are available for online data storage.

Free Package: one Project, one Team Member, unlimited Contributors, 5GB storage total online space is available to A360

Unlimited Package: Unlimited jobs, Contributors and Team Members with 10GB storage shared per team member, that’s accessible to be used by the complete project team.

Mobile Access

Autodesk 360 is available for mobile cloud computing. A360 mobile app for Android and iOS provides access to your A360 hub and comes from your Smartphone and portable devices. There is a group of mobile apps that are used to access and work with drawings by utilization of your mobile and portable devices.

Desktop-to-Cloud connection

Sync your drawings from your desktop to the cloud. The users of Inventor and AutoCAD will be able to access A360 desktop accurate to edit files domestically and synchronize to A360 Drive.

Rendering in A360

Fast, high-pledge renderings within the Cloud-rendering in A360 takes benefit of at the moment about never-ending computing to have power over to form photorealistic and high definition pictures in less time. Available with the acquisition of a perpetual license with Maintenance Subscription or a Desktop Subscription for choose merchandise.

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